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get to know me meme || {2/5} celebrity crushes male » brad simpson

@thevampsbrad: And also just to clarify i have not gone on any adventures with any bodybuilders named juan.

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Today, 7th of July, a star fell from the sky to shine on everyone around him. Ashton Fletcher Irwin, I’d never get tired to tell you how much you’ve helped me, how much you make me smile, and how much I love you. And yes, maybe you’ll never know about my existence, but only by existing you already light up all my world. Thank you, and happy birthday sunshine. Enjoy your 20 years because you deserve this and more !!

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He literally is perfect

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Oh look my poem was stolen…again

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(via mosaicbrokenhearts)

They say if a crush lasts more than

4 months

you’re in love.
So what happens when
I’ve been infatuated with you

for 36 months?

Have I fallen in love with you

9 times?

Or have I just wasted
3 years
36 months
156 weeks
1092 days

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